Bob the Crab and Sam the Fish

Illustrations by Alyssa Bramschreiber

This story features letter sounds, and sight words I, go, & like

Practice letter sounds here 

I am Bob.


I am a crab.


I am a big red crab.  


I like to sit in the sun.


I like to go to the sand and run .


I like to dig.


I like to dig and put on a wig.


I go to the sand and run.  


It’s fun.


I clap my hands and get a fig.



Yum, I like figs.


I like to go to the pond and swim.


In the pond I like to jig in my wig.


I swim to Sam.


Sam is a big black fish.


Sam will not run on the sand.


Sam will not jig in the sun.


Sam is a fish.

Sam will just swim, swim swim in the pond.

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