Sneaky Max’s Mob Job

Story by Cameron Bock
Illustrations by Jenna Olischar
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With a “bam” and a “pop,” I sneak in the door.

There is a fat man but he is sleeping on his bum, so I sneak by him.


He sags in his chair as I nip the hat on his head.

I am Max and I stop bad men!



These bad men want to get your pets, so I will stop them.

I am very smart and very fast, but I am not a cop.

Today I dress like a new man, so I wear a wig and the fat man‘s hat on my head.


The bad men are with the mob, and the mob is all bad men.

I hop over the sleeping fat man‘s leg, walk over the rug on the ground, and chew some gum. It is an easy day.


I walk in the mob‘s dark house.

In the kitchen I see a pot with a lid, a pan with a wet rag, and a food bin with ham and an egg.


Did you know a hen lays eggs?

And ham is from a pig or a hog.


If I look for a pig pen and a hen house, I will find the bad men!

They may have many more pets, too.

The fat man is now up, so I will sneak from him.


He is big like an ox, but I am smart like a fox.

I go to a new room and see a bag.

A bag for pets?


I must look!

The bag is in the mud, so I rip into the bag.

Wow, there are many pets in the bag.

I find a dog, a cat, a rat, a hen, a pig, and a bat.



A pet bat?


That is a very funny pet!

We have to get going, so I hug the bag and sneak out of the house.

I lug the bag to my van, pat the pup on the head, and go.

Oh no! The bad men are after me!

The pets beg me to go, so I go very fast in my van.


There are two bad men in a bus and they ram my van.


The first bad man jumps on top of my van and tugs on the pet bag, so I tug back!

He hits my lip and I hit his gut.


Give me back the pets!

I push him in a net and the pets roll him in a mat.

Great work, pets.


The other man ran, so we win.

I call the cops and give them the pets.

All in a day’s work for me.

Look out, bad men!

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