Tennis at Pam’s Pad

Story by Cameron Bock
Illustrations by Jenna Olischar
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I like to play many sports, but the best sport is tennis.

I am Sam, my bud is Ben, and we play tennis from sun up to sun down.

I am a happy lad because we are going to play tennis now!


We walk on the path and I tell Ben not to lag back.

My map will find the spot to play tennis.


It is marked with a dot on the map.

I have a jug of water and box of balls on my hip.

The sum is six balls.


A golf ball is hard and has many small pips on it, but a tennis ball is soft and smooth.


I see the house we play tennis at!

This house is small but not as small as a hut.

Ben and I do a happy jig and jog up to the house.


I see Pam and she cleans the floor with a mop.

Pam is not a hag because she is very nice!



Pam‘s mum asks if we want a drink.

She brings Ben a mug and me a cup.

She fills the mug and cup from a keg of water.



What is Pam‘s mum drinking?

She is drinking rum?

Yuck, I gag when I drink rum!


It is hot today, so Pam has sat down on a cot for a nap in the den.

She is tan and has a fan to keep cool.



Pam‘s mum is going to have a dip in the tub.

Pam‘s mum says, “so long, hun!”


I am full of vim and want to play!

I lob the ball and it hits the tip of the net.


It was a bad shot.



Tut tut,” says Pam.



I hold the tennis rod in my hand and swing at the ball.

I hit it into a tree log by an elk.

It is an elm tree and the ball has dug into the sod.


The tree drips sap on the ball.

I grab the ball from the rut but it is sticky.

I look at the elk and he is not happy.


He runs and lops a fig off the tree.



Can we play tennis with a fig?

No, a fig is a fruit!


I go back to Ben and we hit a new ball.

Bip, bip, bip!



When the sun goes down, Ben and I go to our house.

I want to be the best at tennis!

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