The Nuns of the Woods

Story by Cameron Bock
Illustrations by Jenna Olischar
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Out in the woods is a church, and the church has many nuns.


If you ask a nun, they will show you the water in the woods.



On the way to the water, you will see many fun sights.

To the left is a baby cub and its mom, and to the right is a rig to catch fish.


The rig drops a rod and reel in the water, and has a pod with worms.

The fish eat the worms from the pod, and the rig will catch them in a web.


The fish can not get out of the web.

What kind of fish is it? This fish is a cod.

Fish swim in the water and the nuns eat them.


The cod do not have arms, so they use their fins to swim and sneak under the lily pads.

A lily pad is a plant that floats on the water.



Do you like lily pads?

The nuns like the lily pads, and many say an elf sleeps on them.


I have not seen the elf but, if you sit and watch at night, you may see him.

And if you talk to the elf, he will give you a wish.


Wow, any wish you want!


What will you wish for?

Will you wish to be a fish?

That would be a fishy wish!



Did you see my pun?

“Fishy wish” is a funny pun!

I do not want to be a fish.


Many boys and girls eat lox.

Lox is a food made with fish, but not cod.

Cod lox can be good, too.


The nuns do not eat lox but I do!

It is very good on toast.

You can try lox and see if it is good to eat.


In the woods, the nuns will show you an elk and a fox.

The elk and fox like to play in the water, but the cod feel fright.


They swim under the lily pads and down to colder water.

The cod like water to be very cold like ice, so they swim deep.


I watch the elk and fox play, and I want to play too!


“You need to be very quiet or they will run,” says the nun.

They see me but they do not run.


I pat the fox on the head and hug the elk.

If I see the elf, I think I will wish for the fox and elk to be happy.

That is a very good wish for the woods.

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