Jen Sees the Stars

Story by Cameron Bock
Illustrations by Jenna Olischar
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I look up and see a bright light cut the night.



To the left, a red sun runs by the rim of my star jet.

To the right, a dark void of gas and fog is all I see.

There is no food or water out here but that is okay.




I am Jen and my house is with the stars.

I sleep in my star jet and float all night.




I get out of bed, sit in my star jet, and go into the dark.

The void is black like ink but I feel no fright.

My star jet is big with many rooms.




I turn on the light in a room and see my star map.



This map shows me how to go to all the stars I know, and many new stars too.

My job is to see every star.




The void is very big, and I am only a kid, but I know I can do it!




If I am ever sad, I can call my mom.

I tap on my star box and call my mom and dad‘s house.

She says that I will have great fun!




After we talk, I jog to another room in my sky jet, hop in the big chair, and go.

There is a hum sound in the jet as I go.




There is a long gap from star to star, so I run a lap in the room.

I run many laps then have a nap in the den.



Look, a star!

I pin a peg on my map and scan the star.

I mark every star on my map with a tag.




This star is bright but not too bright.

I tag it six out of ten.




I can not land on the star because it is too hot.




I land on a planet by the star and look for food.





I dig in the hot ground for a nut or a fruit but no luck!




After I walk, I find a bog with a big star bug.

I see it bob and bop in the bog water.





Can I eat the star bug?

No, yuck!


I eat jam on a hot bun in my star jet.




My star jet is hungry, too.

I go into the void so my star jet can sip on the star.




It sips the light from the star, but not too much.

Thank you, star!



I drink from a tin cup and plan another trip.




I will find a new star, log it on my star map, and win again!

Yup, I have a lot of fun in my star jet.


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