The is where you’ll find free stories for kids. It is so important that kids read sentences and stories after they’ve learned a new reading skill. I will be posting stories that cover different levels. New ones will appear all the time, so keep checking back. 

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It’s important to understand the role that stories play during the reading process. One of the biggest mistakes that an early reader can make (or the person guiding them through the reading process) is to learn a bunch of sounds without reading stories. Even reading sentences isn’t enough. Why is this such a big deal? Because without reading stories all the student will know is a  bunch of sounds. They will most likely struggle with blending and when they do try to read a story they may struggle and get tired quickly. Also reading is fun, and it’s kind of a reward that makes reading not seem so much like school. If you’re already noticing some of these issues with your child, then dial back on the sounds, and have them start to read short stories. Some of these stories might not contain all of the words and sounds that they know and that’s ok. The purposes is  for them to practice actually reading. Remember that for an early reader, reading is difficult and tiring. They have to think a lot. So think of reading stories as endurance training. If they don’t start off reading short stories, they’ll never be able to read longer ones. Frustration will set in, and they’ll start to fall behind. 

These stories are broken down into the skill that they focus on. The stories on this site can be put into two categories. The first category is stories that follow the order of how reading is taught on this site. It starts with short sentences, then letter sounds, emphasizing blend sounds and word endings, and so on. It also slowly  adds in sight words that your child should be learning as well. The second category emphasizes all of the things that we talk about on this site, like cvc words, blend sounds, and word endings. The different is that they contain more sight words, and some other sounds. Your child may know all of these words and sounds from other reading resources that they’ve used. If they don’t know them, then you can read the story with them, and you can read all of the words they haven’t learned. 

In either case if your child has difficulty with a word or sounds that they have learned, don’t just tell them the sound. Help them sound it out. 

Here are the stories. 

Letter Sound Sentences (category 1)

Letter Sound Stories (category 1)

Ben and His Frog

Fun at Camp

Bob the Crab and Sam the Fish

CVC word stories (category 2)

Jen Sees the Stars

Sneaky Max’s Mob Job

Tennis at Pam’s Pad

The Nuns of the Woods

Stories Featuring Consonant Blends and Digraphs (category 1)

The Cat in the Van  (featuring ck words)

Pam and Sam (featuring th words)

Stan and the Man (featuring an)

Sam the Ram at Camp (featuring am)

At the pond (featuring am, an, er)

The Frog on the Log (featuring sc)

The Class with a Dog

Plums with Sam (featuring sp)

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