This set of sentences is ment  for students who are working on their letter sounds. At this point they should have a pretty good handle on them. They should have gone through the entire alphabet, and be able to identify all of the letter sounds, (even if it may take them a little bit of time to recall a few). It’s very important that students start reading as soon as they can, even if it’s just a tiny sentence. This helps them with blending and confidence. Also, reading is hard work when you’re just learning how to do it. So it’s important that kids aren’t given too much reading at once. In order to avoid this you want to start them off slowly with a little bit of reading at a time. These are a great start. They only use two sight words, “a” and “the”. You can also make your own sentences to work with your child. Eventually you can put together two of three short sentences. Breaking up the reading by asking questions about pictures, makes it fun and also provides a short break. Don’t feel like your child has to do too much at once. Just a little bit of progress is all they need.  If they need a little help, don’t just tell them the word. Ask them what sound the letter makes and help them blend the sounds together.


A pig.

The pig.

The pig sits.

The pig sits.


The pig sits in the mud.

A cat.

The cat.

The cat has legs.

A pan. 

The pan.

The pan is red. 

A cup.

The cup.

The cup is full.

A bus.

The bus.

The bus is big.

A fox. 

The fox.

The big fox is red.

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