Today we will learn: The sound qu (and words quip, quin, quib), sight words I, a, and the. We’ll also review everything; letter sounds, word endings, and building and reading words. Today is crazy word day. You can ask your child to spell and read any word you want. 

Materials you will need: All the letters in the alphabet. It’s not a bad idea to have multiple alphabets.

You can practice reading cvc (three letter words) here

You can practice building three letter words (cvc) words here. These are broken down into word endings

The lesson: We’re going to start with reviewing the 26 letter sounds. I said this awhile ago, and I’ll say it again cause it’s important. The only thing that your kid has to learn is these 26 sounds. Everything else is just extra. That said if they’re still struggling with these sounds, then you do still want them to master these other skills. It will just make reading easier. If they are struggling feel free to put what’s happening in the comment section. I’d love to help, and I always adjust things based on my experience and that of others.

We’re adding one extra sound to what your kid knows. The only reason we’re doing it is because it’s hard to come up with words for kids to read with q all by itself. If we add a u it becomes much easier. Use your judgment, if you don’t think it’s time for your child to learn a new sound, then skip this. Just make sure you keep asking them to tell you which sound q makes. q and qu make the same sound, so that makes this kind of easy to teach. Remove all the other letters and put q and u in front of your student. Tell them that q and u often appear together, and they make the sound /qu/ (like quack). You can even have them quack like a duck to make it fun. It’ll also help them remember.

Now let’s make a few words. Do this in the same way that you would build any other word.

Sight Words

As long as your child is comfortable with the letter sounds, and is pretty comfortable with building and reading words (they don’t have to be perfect), it’s fine to start to introduce them to a few sight words. In fact it’s actually a good thing, because they need to start reading sentences. After this 15 day series, your reader should read a sentence or story after every new skill they learn. This reinforces skills and also makes sure they are reading not memorizing. It’s also fun for them. The challenge with reading at this stage is finding stories that correspond with their skills. I’ve already posted some stories on this site, and I’ll continue to post more that correspond with what they know. In fact tomorrow, they’ll read their first story.

Anyway, sight words. Remove everything except for the letter a. Tell them that when they see this letter by itself, it’s pronounced as a, just like the letter’s name.

Now let’s do two things at once. We’re going to read our words with word endings that we did yesterday, and we’re also going to practice the word a. So just build this out for them and ask them to read it. For example a + word….a + cat. Ask them “what does this say?”  only do it for the words that it makes sense to put a in front of.

Review the word ending with them again. Ask, “what’s this sound?”

what’s this word?

Then add them together.






If they do well with this then you can move on to the next sight word, the.  If your reader struggled with this at all then continue doing the same thing for the next group of words with word endings. Otherwise present the word the (make sure you move everything else aside). This word is a little more complicated. Have them build it, write it, trace it. Sing it. They should spend a good amount of time with it. Then do exactly what was done with a. Use the rest of the word ending words. If you already used them, then you can just use other words.

Ask them to review the sound. Ask, “what’s this word”

“what’s this word?”

Then proceed.











Notice that I did 10 words for the. That’s because it needs more practice. Now I’d suggest taking these same words (all the word ending words) and put a and the in front of them. Have them read these words a few times. Feel free to add extra words that have these sames word endings.

Then introduce the final sight word to your child, I. Remove everything else and tell them this is I. When it’s capital we say I, just like the name of the letter. Then go over all three of the sight words. In fact you should go over all three sight words in between all of the exercises. Just ask them what the word is. If they get it wrong correct them, and move on. If it’s taking them longer to remember them, then you can ask them throughout the day. It’s ok if they don’t get them by the end of the 15 day series.




You have a choice. So far we’ve learned qu, three sight words, and we’ve read the words with word endings. We still need to read the rest of the words, and we also need to build words. It’s your choice which you want to do first, it really doesn’t matter. You need to have your child read at least 15 more words. I recommend that you have your child read the words with a or the in front of the ones that are appropriate. That will help them remember the sight words.

Then have your child build the words. Keep all the words that end with the same word ending together. Do this for the first round. If you do a second round, then you should mix them all up. You can also add any words that you want to add to what they know.








Day 15

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