Pam and Sam 

Illustrations by Alyssa Bramschreiber

This story features:

letter sounds, th words, and sight words I, have, the, grey, likes

I am Pam.

I have a cat.

The cat is Sam, and Sam is thin and grey.

Sam likes to stand on a rug to sing a song.

“Stop that, Cat!” The song is long.

Sam the cat has a nap on the mat.

I have a mop.

I think I will mop the mat.

Sam is mad.

Sam runs to the pond to fish.

Thud! Sam kicks the fish on the grass.

This is a mess! “Bad cat!”

I mop up the thick fish on the grass.

Sam sits on the bank of the pond and licks his lip.

This cat is a big, fat brat!

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