Illustrations by Alyssa Bramschreiber

This story features the sound “an” “am” “er”. It contains the sight words, I, like, the, go, to

I like to go to the pond.

At the pond, the sand is hot in the sun.

The pond has lots of rocks.

I have a rod and with the rod I like to fish in the pond.

I sit on a mat in the grass.

I see a man on the grass with a rod and a sack.

In the sack the man has ham and jam on a bun for a snack.

The lad has a black dog who likes to see the fish flop on the sand.

I see a bug flit in the sun.

It is a big bug.

The fish like big bugs and slugs.

I get a slug and put it on the rod.

I get a fish with the slug and I get a crab with a net!

The crab is red.

I cram the crab and the fish in a bag and I have a snack like the man .

It is hot in the sun.

I have a hat, a fan, and I sip on a  drink.

The lad and his dog run to a rock.

I go with them.

The land is flat and we have a nap.

We are snug on the hot rock.

The pond is fun.

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