Plums with Sam

Illustrations by Alyssa Bramschreiber´╗┐

This story features the sound “sp. It also includes the sight words, I have, the, like, to, a, of.

I have a plum with spots.

The plum has seeds so I spit them on the grass.

I have a rat and the rat is Sam.

Sam likes the plum and he likes to drink milk and has a lot of spots!

He likes to spin and  run in the sun.

I put the old plum in the sink and have a drink of milk but it spills.

I have a rag so I pick up the milk.

I have a ship and Sam swims with the ship in the pond.

Sam and I like to think  in the sun and the stars.

We sit in a tent on the grass and think. It is fun with Sam.

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