The Frog on the Log

Illustrations by Alyssa Bramschreiber

This story features the sound “sc”, and includes the sight words the, like, of, to

A frog sits on a log.

The log has scum.

The log is in the pond and the frog likes to sit on the log of scum in the sun.

A duck swims in the pond.

The frog hops to the bank of the pond.

The frog spots a man on the bank.

The man has a rod to get fish and the man has a scab on his hand.

The man scrubs the fish on the rod.

The man puts the fish in a pan.

The frog scans the land for a snack.

The frog likes the fish in the pan for a snack but the man sees the frog.

“Scram!” the man, yells, to the frog.

The snack in the pan is for the man, not the frog!

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