The first step to learning how to read, and the foundation to everything reading, is learning the sounds that the letters make. I like to do this by breaking the alphabet sounds into six groups. With each one of those groups I like to make words from the letters in that group. This not only breaks the alphabet down into manageable bites, but it also reinforces the sounds. Furthermore, it will get your kid reading in days. If you are at all familiar with the way that many Montessori schools teach reading, this will sound familiar to you.

If you want in depth step by step instructions on how to do this you can get that here.

Teach Your Kid How to Read in 15 Days

This, however is a quick overview complete with pictures. Here are a few steps you should be sure to follow.

-The first thing you should do is present each sound, one at a time to your child. Only present the sounds in group one. All the other sounds should be put away.

-After they are clear on what the four sounds are. They should be able to identify them by themselves, without any of your help. Once you’re sure they have that down, have your child spell the five words that you can create from these letters (at, sat, mat, am, sam). I recommend that you place all four letters in a row in front of your child, and simply ask them to spell each word, one at a time. You should say the words as slowly as needed. If they struggle in any way you should give them each sound individually.

These words can be sounded out, so let your child do that. Don’t just tell them the answer, try to never do that. Make them give you the sounds. If they can’t do that then they need to practice their letter sounds more.

-Assuming everything goes well with spelling the words, then it’s time for them to read words. They will read the same words that they just spelled. You will have to make sure they are already written out. Again, if they need help give them the sounds not the answers.

That’s it. That’s the short version of teaching your child group one of the letter sounds of the alphabet. Again, if you want the long version you can find that here. Below you can find the letters and words for group one. Let me know how it goes.

Learn Letter Sounds: Group 2

Learn Letter Sounds: Group 2

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