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Here’s my second group of letter sounds that I like to use when teaching my students how to read. They don’t really have to be done in any particular order, (with the exception of group six, I really recommend you do that one last), but if you missed the first group click on the link above to see it. Also, I think it’s only right to say that breaking the alphabet into small groups that contain letters you can make words with is not my idea, but a method that is taught in a lot of Montessori schools.

The steps for teaching this second group of alphabet sounds is the same as teaching the first group. You’ll want to do the same three steps. I’ll just go through them briefly here, you can get a more detailed version in group 1.

An important thing to remember is that when you’re working with a new group of letters, you should not have other letters hanging around. However you should always review. You can review at the beginning of the day’s lesson or at the end. Personally, I like to do it at the beginning. If they truly learned the previous sounds it should be an easy way to start the day. Keeping the stress levels down on both sides is key.

Alright so real quick, here are the three steps that you want to use to teach this letter group.

-Present each sound to your student, one at a time. You should say the sound first, and then have them repeat it.

-Then have them spell out the words that can be made from the letters in this group, (ox, box, fox).

-After that write the words out, or have the words already spelled out, and ask your child to read them. They will read the same words that they spelled.

Get much more in depth, step by step instructions of how to do this in, Teach Your Child How to Read in 15 Days

It should take a few days to go through each group of letters. I usually spend about two days going over the first group, and spend a day going over the second group. I also like to do a lot of days in between where I don’t introduce anything new, I just review and reinforce what they’ve already learned.

There are two rules that I live and die by. Always review every single letter sound they’ve learned, and if the kid is frustrated, stop. Take a break. If you’re frustrated you should do the same. This should be easy breezy.

Well, that’s all for the second group. I’d use the day after you go over these to just review the first two groups. No need to rush through it. Let me know how it goes.

Learn Letter Sounds: Group 3

Letter Sounds: Group 3

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