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We’ve arrived at the fourth group of letter sounds. Hopefully you’ve had a few review days at this point. You should be anywhere from six to eight days into this by now. Today I want to talk to you about the importance of not taking breaks. The reason why it’s so important that you have review days is because you need to reinforce what your child has learned. You also need to make sure that they don’t forget what they’ve learned the previous days. You should be reviewing every single letter sound that they know, every single day.

Don’t skip days. If you do it will most likely result in your child forgetting a shocking amount of information. Kids learn so fast, and they forget so fast too. Ideally you should review every alphabet sound, spell every word, and read every word that they’ve learned so for. Reinforcement, reinforcement reinforcement. This is the foundation of everything. The better they know these sounds, the easier reading will be for them.

I know that everyone is busy, and sometimes life happens. So, if one day you really don’t have time to review everything, just review the letter sounds. It should only take about five minutes or so if they know the sounds well. Just don’t completely skip a day.

Make sure they know their sounds very well by the end of this lesson. Also make sure you take a review day after this. Next time they can start mixing up the the letters and forming new words. But only have them do this if they really know their sounds well, and if they are doing well with spelling and reading words. I’ll go over this more next time. For now just make sure you aren’t skipping any days, and that they know the sounds without needing help from you.

If you happened upon this post randomly, and haven’t yet read about the previous groups, here’s a quick summary on how to teach these letter sounds to your early reader. For a more detailed version go to group one.

Learn Letter Sounds: Group 1

-First- present each letter sound from this group one at a time. You should say the sound and have them repeat it back to you. You should go over each sound several times. It is important that they know each sound very well.

-Second- place the letters of the group in front of your child, and ask them to spell the words that can be made with the letters in this group, (hen, den, red). You should say the words slowly. If need be, say each sound of the word. If your child struggles, don’t just give them the answer, tell them the sound that they are looking for. Make them find it.

-Third- have your student read the same words that they spelled. That means they need to already be spelled out or written down somewhere.

That’s all for now. Let me know how it goes.

For a step by step guide of how to do this you can read my complete lessons here.

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Learn Letter Sounds: Group 5

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