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We’re almost done! We’re on our fifth group of letter sounds. By now you’re child should be very comfortable with all of the letter sounds that they’ve learned so far. If they are at all struggling, stop, and spend the day working on the letters they are having trouble with.

You should have just come off of a review day. If you didn’t then do that now. Today you’re going to teach your reader four new sounds, spell three new words, and then read them. I’m also going to give you the option of going crazy and adding in some new words from the previous letters that they’ve learned.

What I really suggest is that you spend today just going over these four sounds and three words. Tomorrow should be crazy day. Maybe you can have two crazy days where it’s a word free- for- all with the 22 alphabet sounds that they know.

You don’t have to do that. You can just stick to going through the 26 sounds in the six groups. If your child is at all struggling then I suggest that’s what you do. As I’ve said in previous post, the purpose here is for them to learn the letter sounds.

However, if your kid is killing it, and you feel like having letter sound crazy day, then I recommend that you do it with this in mind. The next thing that I like to teach kids are word endings. Therefore during all crazy days I like to keep this in mind.

Here’s what this would look like. Let’s take my favorite word ending, “at”. Line up all of the letters that they know and ask them to find the letters in at. If they can’t do that, then you know you need to spend more time working on the letter sounds. But if they can, then it’s the beginning of crazy letter sound day. Think about all the words that we can create that end in “at”…cat, bat, rat, sat, mat, pat, fat, hat….. Have your child start with these. Leave all the letters in front of them, and ask them to spell each word.

Then from there do other word endings like ip….lip, sip, pip, bip, zip…. and on and on. Do all the ones with the same word ending together. This will introduce the word ending concept. That’s how I do it in my longer step by step guide.

Teach Your Kid How to Read in 15 Days

Just in case you haven’t done the other four days of this series, here is a quick synopsis of how to teach these sounds. For more detailed instructions go to day one.

Learn Letter Sounds: Group 1

If you want to get really detailed step by step instructions you should go to my longer 15 day lessons.

Teach Your Kid How to Read in 15 Days

Here are the steps.

-Step 1-present each letter to your child one at a time. The other letters should be out of sight, as to not cause confusion. You should say the sound, and then your child should say it back to you. This will go on for awhile, and you can get creative as to how you do it. Once you are sure they know the sounds (they shouldn’t need your help anymore), then you can move on.

-Step 2- now you should put all four sounds in a row in front of your child, and ask them to spell the three words that can be made from these sounds, (up, pup, cup).

-Step 3- now have them read the same words that they just spelled. To do this, you will of course need to have the words already spelled or written out.

All done. Let me know how it goes.

Learn Letter Sounds: Group 6

Learn Letter Sounds: Group 6

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