Written by Christina Schrage Illustrations by Alyssa Bramschreiber

Featuring the words: Eye, very, water, around, more, large, near, from, long, both


I am a little rabbit. I have a black and white coat.

I have a yellow eye and a brown eye. They are very pretty!


It is my birthday. I jump down the hill under the sun to get to the water.


There I see a fish. I want to play with the fish for my birthday but he can not come out of the water!


I jump around more and see a very large, yellow cat.

Will she play with me for my birthday?


The yellow cat can see the fish in the water, too.

I jump to the cat, but she did not like me so near.


I play under the sun more for it is my birthday.

My mother soon came to get me.

I was away for too long!


We both went up the hill. The sun went down a little on our jump up.


We went to our house. Soon we ate!

My mother, father, and I ate the apple and milk we have in the house.

It was a very good birthday for me.

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