Written by Cameron Bock Illustrations by Alyssa Bramschreiber

featuring the words: a, all, always, am, and, another, any, are, around, at, ball, birthday, blue, both, but, can, car, change, coat, could, do, eat, egg, even, every, father, fish, four, from, funny, game, give, good, great, have, I, in, is, it, large, light, little, long, look, many, me, more, mother, my, new, night, not, now, of, off, on, one, play, pretty, put, red, school, see, so, some, the, there, they, this, thought, three, to, toy, two, very, want, water, we, when, where, white, will, with, yellow, yes, you, your

Today is my birthday and I have many gifts from my mother, my father, and my pals.

Do you want to look at them with me? Yes? I thought so! We will take a look at my ten birthday gifts.


One birthday gift: a large red ball. I will play with it all day long.

Two birthday gifts: a little blue egg. It is pretty so I will put it where I can see it.


Three birthday gifts: a yellow toy car. I wish I had another one so my sister can play with me.

Four birthday gifts: a red toy car. Another one! My sister and I will both have fun.


Five birthday gifts: a new night light. Now I can see when the day changes to night.

Six birthday gifts: a fish in a bowl of water. It is funny to see it swim around and around!


Seven birthday gifts: a warm white coat and hat. I will put them on when I play in the snow.

Eight birthday gifts: a card game. There are cards of every color!


Nine birthday gifts: a box of candy. I could always eat more candy!

Ten Birthday gifts: a birthday card from every person in my class at school. I am happy to have so many great friends!


Oh, there are even more gifts? Thank you very much but I do not want any more! Could I give you some of the gifts?

Could you take some off my hands? They are your gifts now, so now we both have some. This is a very good birthday for us both!

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