Written by Cameron Bock Illustrations by Alyssa Bramschreiber

This story features the sight words:  a, about, all, always, are, because, both, does, father, four, from, good, great, have, head, I, is, know, learn, long, many, more, my, of, on, one, people, saw, something, the, to, too, want, was, when, word, work, world


My grandfather is a great man. He has many things to tell me and I have many things to learn.

My grandfather tells me more about the world. He tells me about the things he saw.

He tells me about the people he knows.


He tells me about the work he does. The things he tells me are always good because I always learn something new.


My grandfather always has a new word to tell me, too. He has many words in his head and I want to know them all!

One day, the list of words I know will be as long as the list my grandfather knows.


My grandfather always has something new to show me, too. Once it was art he made when he was on the sea for four years.

Once it was a toy he had when he was just a little boy.


Once it was a rock that came from the moon! One day, I will have many things to show like my grandfather does.


I know my grandfather is great because my father is great, too! I want to be just like both of them when I grow up.

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