Written by Christina SchrageIllustrations by Alyssa Bramschreiber

Featuring the words: most, people, their, don’t, because, when your, something, should, could, when, work, thought, night, walk, give, learn, carry, often, kind,change


Most people play with their dog.

But I don’t have a dog! That is because I have a cow and a pig.

When your house is on a farm, you can play with something like a cow and a pig.


I should get a dog. He could like my farm.

The dog can come with me around the farm when I work.

He could help me out around the farm.


But what could I name my dog? I could name my dog Duck.

I could name my dog Cat.

The thought of a dog with a name like that is funny to me.


I will name my dog Night because I like the night.

I will play a game with my dog.

He will walk around the farm with me and work with me.


He can play with the cow and pig, too!

He can run around the farm and find a ball and a toy that I will give him


Night will be a very good dog. He will learn to carry the milk from the cow to the house.

I will work with Night often. When I get Night, I will be kind. He will be kind, too.


I want to get the dog now! But I must give thought to it.

That is a big change for me. Will a dog like me?

I want to find out! But I will think on it for now.

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