Written by Cameron Bock Illustrations by Alyssa Bramschreiber

featuring the words: Word, Head, Put, Right, Only, Always, About, Also, Even, Every, High, Some, Were

There is a word in my head. I can not put it out of my head. I don’t know it right now.

To only know what it is would be great. I always don’t know this word.


My mother and father must know it. They know all there is to know.


Could a dog help me find this word? They know a word or two, right?

They do, but… No. I should find this word with no help from the dog.


But what about a duck? The duck might also know. No, the duck will walk away from me.


I will find this word. I might always know the word should I find it now. What is this word even about?

It is a word every boy and girl should know. It is said with the sun and when you are on top of hill.


You can jump with this word. It is something… I have it! High! Some jump high and the sun is also high.


Only when it is not night because I can not see the sun when it is night!

Were I to not know this word, my head would run around with the thought of it. But now I know it! I will always know this word.

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