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Letter Sounds, Not Names

I designed this section of this website for the sole purpose of helping early readers practice letter sounds. Since this site is all about learning how to read, it teaches the letter sounds, not the names that the letters are called. That’s because reading is all about sounds. Learning both at the same time can sometimes confuse learners, especially early learners. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked a student what sounds a letter makes, and they tell me its name. So it’s important to make it clear to readers that letters have both sounds and names, and on this site we’ll all about the sounds.

I have  deliberately broken down the alphabet (or letter sounds)  into six different groups, and yes I know the letters are not in alphabetical order. The reason behind this is simple. Instead of learning all the letter sounds at one time, we’re just going to learn four or  five at once, and then start putting them together to make words. We all have a limit on our attention span, and it’s better to use that time learning a few letter sounds well, than learning a lot of sounds that will soon be forgotten. This allows readers to learn a few sounds at a time, and start reading fast! This is a method that is commonly used in Montessori schools. Whether your reader is in a Montessori school or not, this is a great method, that can get them reading and feeling confident quickly.


How to Learn Letter Sounds

Using this should be fun and easy. First just have your learner click on the picture of the sounds (letters) to hear the letter sound, and have them repeat (out loud) what they hear. You can click on them as many times as necessary. If the reader feels like they already know the sound, have them say the sound out loud and then click to see if they’re right. After your reader is confident in the letter sounds they can move on to making words for that group of letters! You can do that below.



Ready to Start Learning Letter Sounds?

Letter Group 1

Letter Group 2

Letter Group 3

Letter Group 4

Letter Group 5

Letter Group 6

Letter Sound Review


Ready to Build Words with letter sounds?

Make Words Round 1

Make Words Round 2

Make Words Round 3

Short Vowel Sound Words List